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How Do I Submit an Article for Publication?

Helpful Guide for Writing Articles

It’s really quite simple to write and submit an article for posting in the Going Guilford newsletter.

First, consider using the On Line Submit Form to the left whenever you’re ready to write and submit your article. It’s a breeze to complete and the form can be used for both individual and business article submissions.

Second, the publishers work on a schedule. As much as possible we try to have all articles and all new Local Services ready-to-go by the fourth Wednesday of the month since the Going Guilford  newsletter is published each month.


Most articles are from our subscribers, whether individual or business. There are limited exceptions (i.e., articles from the publishers, news of general interest, etc.). That said, here are our suggested guidelines for submitting your article for the next edition of the Going Guilford newsletter:

1. Headline – Create a short, but descriptive headline. It should be no more than 7-8 words. The idea is to get your reader’s attention. An Example Don’t:  Bill Smith Catches a Huge Bass While Floating the Yadkin River this Past Saturday.  An Example DoSmith Catches 7 lb. Bass on the Yadkin. See the difference?

2. Body (short ‘n sweet) – Short articles are read most often, but lengthy articles are sometimes necessary when you have a great deal of information to share. If you can say it in fewer words, that usually works better for newsletters.  If the publishers have to edit, for any reason, you will often be sent a preview copy of the revised article, but not always.

3. Call to Action – Want your readers to respond? Consider adding a call to action, provide an offer or make a request.

4. Photo – A picture is worth a 1,000 words. The Going Guilford county news welcomes appropriate digital images to help you tell your story.  Make your pictures the superlative of the newsletter.

5. Your name, telephone, and email address – The publishers will always need to know who sent the article; always include your name and email address.

6.  Deadline- New article must be submitted by the fourth Friday of the month for the upcoming month.


Articles received after this time frame will be given our utmost consideration, but may be delayed until the following month. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Some announcements and event articles submitted by individual subscribers have a publication limitation which means they will usually be published once in full with subsequent publications appearing as a shorter copy article. You may also specify your preferred date for publication.

Articles from Individuals:

Submit your newsletter articles by either using the On Line Submit Form to the left or the Contact Us form including your name, e-mail address, and telephone number. Please try to limit articles to 150 words or less.  Adding a picture?  Consider using your Smart Phone or digital camera and downloading it to your PC, or send it directly from your mobile device.  Send the picture along with your subscriber name to editor@econtactsystem.com or publisher@econtactsystem.com.

Note: digital files in excess of 120 X 150 pixels (or 3MB) may not be accepted/usable. We prefer JPEG images. We will not crop or alter any submitted images. Sorry, we will not scan/use hard copy photographs.

Guide for Writing Sponsor Listings or Sponsor Specials

Submit your Going Guilford newsletter article by sending us your name, e-mail address, and telephone number.

Be sure to include all the components listed above. Please try to keep your article to no more than 150 words. Send your article and supportive digital image along with your name to either editor@econtactsystem.com or publisher@econtactsystem.com.

Note: Digital files in excess of 120 X 150 pixels (3MB) may not be accepted. We cannot crop or alter (i.e., airbrush) any sent images. We prefer JPEG images. Sorry, we usually cannot use scanned ads, images or photographs sent as PDFs.

Sponsor Listings and/or Sponsor Specials: Include your name, business name, and e-mail address in all articles submitted for posting on the newsletter.

1- Article Content – try to keep descriptions of your products or services to 150 words or less.

2. Picture - recommended, but not required.

3. Contact information – be sure to supply your business name, street address, and telephone number; accuracy is important.

4. Link to your business website – feel free to provide your individual business website address (URL) and we will link it your guilfordal/business website.

5. Spotlight on Business/Featured Business-  Sponsors are featured on the front page via these tabs.

2016 Sponsor rates for Sponsor Advantage Local Services Listing.

6 Months (6 issues): $40.00 per month rate

12 Months (12 issues): $30.00 per month rate

Your paid sponsorship fee includes a complimentary subscription to the Going Guilford newsletter for a corresponding period of time.

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